Thursday, October 16, 2014

Pregnancy Files {The Bump Week 38}

A blurry doctor's office selfie because I was too tired to manage anything else this week plus I blame the rain.
Best moment this week: Having only been at my new job for 4 months I don't qualify for the Family Medical leave act and I don't have a ton of paid time to take off for my maternity leave, which I wasn't too worried about because I love my job so much, but obviously it was something Drew and I had to consider since we are adding more costs with a baby. Well some of my co-workers went in and donated some of their own personal time for me out of the kindness of their hearts. I now have 2 more paid weeks of time off and couldn't be more thankful. It honestly makes me tear up thinking about the generosity of people I've known for such a short time.

Food cravings: Thanks to Anne I've been craving chocolate milkshakes. :)

Movement: He's been moving around and whenever my stomach gets tight I I going to start contracting now? Is he coming soon? I hope so! Never in my life have I been more excited to endure pain. Is that weird that I'm not nervous about labor?

Symptoms: My back still hurts and my belly button can't decide if it wants to stay in or pop out. It's a little late in the game for it to be popping out right?

Nursery: I finally took some pictures of the nursery now I just have to make time to upload them and actually do a  blog post.

Prayer for Baby:
Dear Aiden,
I am so anxious for you to get here I can't even stand it. Your car seat is installed, inspected by the fire department and waiting for you. I so badly want to hold you and just look at you. Your Dad and I can't wait to meet you!!!! Please come soon.
Your Mama

Dear Lord,
I have never anticipated something so much in my life. Everyday I wake up and think, is today the day I get to meet my son? I know you know when he is coming and it's already planned perfectly so help me to soak up these last few hours/days/weeks of having Aiden kicking around inside me. Amen

Ecclesiastes 3:1
"There is a time for everything, and a season for every activity under the heavens."
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Brittany said...

I can't get over your coworkers! How sweet are they?! You're getting so, so close!

Kaity said...

Eek! So close- I'm so stinking excited for you! That was so sweet of your co-workers to do for you. What a blessing to work with such great people. Praying for you and your boys in the coming weeks, Mama :)

Anne said...

That's amazing! You will enjoy those weeks with Aiden. And that's so great you're going into labor with this excitement rather than fear - you're going to do great. Can't wait to see the nursery... hope he holds off arriving just long enough for you to post it, ha.

Also, you're welcome again :)

Jennifer Prod said...

oh gosh, i love these pictures! i'm 14 weeks now, but i haven't got a single picture of the belly. maybe time to start?

Elise @ Cheers Yall said...

Glory to God! What amazing and kind coworkers you have!!!! Love that so much! xx

Katie said...

looking so cute!!! and getting so close!!

Kayla MKOY said...

That sweet gesture from your co-workers just made me tear up! I cannot believe that! Such a beautiful, simple, sweet story!!!!! :) you're looking fabulous, as usual.

k8te said...

you are so so close!! eeek! so excited for you! my belly button hasn't popped yet, i keep saying it's fighting the good fight bc it's SO flat. ha. what a sweet gesture by your coworkers too! i wish the US had better maternity leave, but ever bit helps!

Erin LFF said...

What a SPECIAL place you work at!! :) That is the sweetest thing ever! And it's not weird, its' AWESOME you aren't nervous about labor. You have no reason to be! Your body was made to do this and God's got his hand on you!!

Anonymous said...

Wow. You colleagues are just too amazing. Stories like this makes me hopeful that there is true kindness and so much love in our world.

Enjoy your time you deserve it.

Becky said...

We have a donated leave program at my work too and it makes me happy thinking how kind people are!! Glad you get 2 extra weeks with your little when he finally decides to come!! :) Hoping for a safe delivery!! :)

Shelley said...

what sweet coworkers you have! that is so great. and i can't wait to see the nursery. prayers for you and drew for the coming weeks <3

The Heart Of A Woman said...

That is so sweet of your coworkers! You will cherish that extra time off! I want to hug them for you!!! I'm so excited for yall!!!! Please send me a picture when he comes 😘

Rach @ This Italian Family said...

Ahhh! He will be here SO soon!! I cannot believe it! Allison, I am so excited for you! And what wonderful coworkers you have to contribute to your time off! 2 extra weeks! That's wonderful! :) And by the way... I mentioned you on my blog today. :)

The Lady Okie said...

Oh my gosh! I didn't know you even could donate your time to someone else. That is so nice of them and SO awesome for you!

Anonymous said...

Ahh, what your co-workers did brought tears to my eyes! That is so sweet. And what I especially love is that five, ten, fifteen years from now, YOU will be just the sort to donate time to someone who needs it and keep the giving alive!


Elle Sees said...

love your bumpdates!! good luck :)))