Thursday, July 12, 2018

Where do I even start?

I guess I should start with, Hi. Remember me? It has almost been almost three months since I opened up a blank blog post and simply started typing. I have no real reason that I haven't been blogging, other than life is full right now. I miss capturing moments on my blog, but I was starting to get overwhelmed by all the moments I wasn't documenting, which is silly so I just stopped worrying about it and stopped posting. But I'm least for today because there is just something about letting words spill out on a blank page that feels therapeutic to me.
As I said, life has been full. I am still working part time and Drew is currently looking for a new job as an assistant principal. He is off for the summer so we have had lots of amazing family time and when he goes back to school in August I will have to retrain myself on how to Mom. Haha. However, I do feel pretty adjusted now to life with two kids now. There are just a few cold hard facts that I've learned to accept. Someone is always going to need me, bathroom trips alone are a rarity, eating when the kids are strapped in at the table is a must or it will not happen, screen time is not the devil, popsicles on the porch are always a good idea and good husbands/fathers are worth their weight in gold. So thankful for my husband. We will be celebrating 9 years of marriage next week!
Aiden is now close to being a 4 year old (how?!) and he is doing so many things independently now. He surprises me everyday with questions he asks or with things he wants to do on his own without my help any more. He is my sunshine in every way. He can sense when someone feels sad and is there to give a hug. He is always saying he loves me and making me laugh. He is the most extroverted kid I know. At the mention of another child, he yells out, "KIDS! I want to play with them." He is very in to catching bugs right now and asking everyone he meets, "what's your favorite bug?" He loves to sing and dance and will be dancing his way in to preschool this fall two days a week. I have no doubt he will want to live at school where the kids are. He is SUCH an amazing big brother and makes sure I know whenever Alder needs me.
Alder is 18 months and acts like he is 4. I'm not even kidding. He is so independent and is in to everything. He grabs our keys and "unlocks" the doors, has the tv remote mastered, knows how to plug an outlet cover into the outlet and take it out and is always climbing up on something. If he doesn't know how to do something himself he yells out, "HELP!" It is hilarious. He is very strong willed, but also a big Mama's boy who lights up my world when he smiles at me and yells, "Hi, Mama!" He is obsessed with trains and we are taking him to see and ride the "real" Thomas the train when he comes to town in August. Drew and I can not wait to see his reaction!
Our summer has been low key. Lots of ice cream from the ice cream truck, trips to the community pool, grilling out and cooking Smores in our backyard and just being together. We did go to the lake a few weeks ago with my parents and had an amazing time (that's where all these pictures are from). Maybe I'll post about it, maybe not. But sweet memories were made.

There's not really a point to this post except to ease my way back in I guess.
So if you're reading this, bless you. And if no one reads this but future me in 10 years, I'm totally fine with that too.