Saturday, January 31, 2015

January Snapshots

Since I'm not blogging quite as regularly I thought I'd start wrapping up each month by sharing some of my favorite snapshots from that month. This month we celebrated Drew's 31st birthday and my Mom's 60th, I got to see my college roommate who is now engaged, I actually got in the kitchen and baked a few things, we took our very first walk in the park and Aiden fell in love with a little princess. It was a good start to 2015.
Just take a wild guess what my favorite subject to photograph is...

Thursday, January 29, 2015

Aiden {3 Months}

Aiden is such a happy little camper. Every month so far I've said "this age is my favorite" and this month is no different. He is so alert. He loves grabbing for things now and everything goes in his mouth. He is interested in how things feel and is still obsessed with lights. And the ceiling fan in his nursery.

He is also in a really good routine. He eats, plays then sleeps on repeat all day. Although his naps are micro naps as my Mother in law calls them, he still goes down like clock work and wakes up to eat like an alarm has just gone off in his little brain.

His furrowed brow is still my favorite. He concentrates so hard on things and soaks in his surroundings. He really studies people when he first meets them and oh that smile of his. I'm so in love.

He is so stinkin' sweet.
A few stats about Aiden at three months:

Weight: Since we don't go to the doctor again until next month I'm going to guess he is close to 13 pounds looking at the rolls he's gained this month. 

Height: Almost out of 3 month clothes so he must be on track for height right? At our last doctor's visit he was only 25th percentile for height.

Size clothes: He is at the very edge of his 0-3 month clothes. I'm sure within the week I will have to start packing up his 0-3 outfits. Boo hoo.

Sleeping: He is still sleeping great. He has a few nights here and there where he will be a restless sleeper, but he is doing awesome. Crib transition will be happening soon if you have any tips! 

Random stuff only parents want to know:

Nicknames: Bubba, Sweet boy, Stinker pants, Squirt

Likes: Gurgling, staring at Mommy, splashing in the bath, being upside-down, staring at the TV

Dislikes: Waiting to be fed, being out of his routine, neck exercises

One Month Update
Two Month Update

Monday, January 26, 2015

The Perfect Valentine Shirt for your little one {The Blue Envelope Shop Review}

I am so excited to be sharing the story behind a new children's apparel line called The Blue Envelope with you today! First of all, how cute is this "L is for Love" shirt? It is one of many adorable and fresh designs in their new line.
The material of the shirt is so soft and the design is modern and fun. I was immediately in love with this company after reading about their story. Both girls who run the company have young kids who they call their miracle babies. Their company started off designing custom invitations (which are also incredible) and since having kids have been inspired to create children's apparel. Their desire is to "be inspired by the imaginations of little ones."
"We hope that through our new line we can encourage your little ones to be dreamers and believers that anything is possible." -The Blue Envelope
Looking at their apparel you can tell they really mean what they say. Their shirts are designed with meaning and heart. I love their Inspirational Alphabet tees and am definitely going to look into getting Aiden one of their Inspirational Number tees for his first birthday! And of course, if you are looking for a Valentine's day shirt for your little one, look no further...
Connect with The Blue Envelope:
Etsy Shop

Monday, January 19, 2015

You know you're a new mom when...

As a new mom there are things you have to figure out pretty quickly. It's crazy how your motherly instincts kick in and things you think you'd never do, you do because you just love your squishy newborn so dang much. So here is a list of things that scream "I'm a new mom!"
You know where all the creaky spots are in the house and you know how to move like a Ninja to avoid them.

You can eat one handed while nursing and making a to-do list all at once.

You can change a diaper at record speed in the dark.

You've mastered the swaddle.

You are often covered in pee or spit up that's not your own.

You cry hearing songs or watching commercials about being a mom.

You could stare at your baby

You start keeping track and become an expert on information like how many ounces of milk you produce each day and how many times your baby has peed or pooped.

Your brain is mush and you often forget or lose things like your car keys. Oops.

You take baby and Mommy selfies just because.
You find yourself sharing pictures and stats of your baby to anyone who will listen.

Your baby's bodily functions are a normal topic at dinner.

You have exposed your breasts in public places (under a cover of course).

You find your baby's "poop face" the most hilarious thing ever.

You find yourself humming tunes and then realize they are from one of your baby's toys.

You find a wet spot on your clothes and immediately wonder one of three things...
Is this pee? Is this spit up? Am I leaking?

You feel like a huge part of you is missing when you go out without your baby.

Jewelry with your child's name on it may have been on your most recent Christmas list.

You thank God daily for giving you such an amazing and precious gift!

Your voice automatically goes up 5 notches when talking to your baby and now it happens when you are having normal conversations as well. You just can't help it.

You have gone back and looked up lyrics of nursery rhymes you forgot.

"Daddy's home!" is your new favorite phrase.

You have 1,000 plus pictures of your baby on your phone and they are all way too cute to delete.

You melt when your baby stares at you.
You have moments when you think "Hey, I've got this Mom thing down" only to quickly be followed by "What the heck am I doing?"

You feel a sense of success when you have sucked boogers out of your child's nose and you may have even given in and purchased a NoseFrida, which you swore you'd never ever do because EW.

You have never gotten so little sleep, yet been so happy in your entire life.

Being a new mom is an adventure. It's part crazy, part hilarious, part terrifying, but mostly pure joy!

New mamas out there...what else would you add to this list?

The Life Of Faith

Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Why Harry Potter makes me think of being pregnant

Before I got pregnant, I never had any desire to read the Harry Potter books. When they came out, I wasn't interested in reading them or seeing the movies, but for some reason when I got pregnant I decided I wanted to jump on the Harry Potter train...aka the Hogwarts Express and I'm so glad I did!
I started reading the first book in the series when I was about 20 weeks pregnant and I couldn't stop. I was hooked. By the time I got to the 7th book, my due date had arrived.
I enjoyed the books so much that I even had my husband read me part of the 7th book in the delivery room! That and popsicles can only distract a pregnant gal so long though...
Harry Potter will always have a special place in my heart. It reminds me of days spent reading in Aiden's nursery and dreaming about the day he would be born. It reminds me of the day Aiden was born and how my sweet husband did everything he could to make it a peaceful day for me. It reminds me of the many hours I spent breastfeeding my tiny little newborn while carefully balancing my book on the Boppy pillow.
I can't wait to read these books with Aiden someday. I half expected him to come out with a lighting shaped scar on his forehead! Haha.

Now the big question is, how do you follow up a series like Harry Potter? 
What should I read next?

Sunday, January 11, 2015

31 Reasons

Today is my husband's 31st birthday and since most of my compliments these days are directed toward our precious baby boy I decided to share 31 reasons I love him and him alone on his big day.

1. I love how much you love me. I could end the list right there.
2. I love how you whistle in the shower.
3. You are an amazing Daddy, even better than I could've imagined or hoped for.
4. I love how your voice changes and your eyes light up when you talk to Aiden.
5. You work so hard every single day. You are an amazing teacher.
6. You are a wonderful cook and never make me feel bad for not cooking enough.
7. You are the most disciplined man I know and have a body to show for it. Ow ow ;)
8. You take such good care of your family.
9. You love ice cream.
10. You never tire of Chipotle (even after I made you eat it on repeat while I was pregnant.)
11. You are fashionable and don't mind coordinating outfits with me.
12. I love that you love to read and bought us his and her book lights.
13. You are so darn handy and help me with all my DIY projects.
14. You love Jesus.
15. You love a good adventure.
16. You do the household chore I hate the most with a smile on your face, vacuuming.
17. You put up with my corny jokes and make me laugh.
18. You are reading Harry Potter and are just as excited as I am about planning a trip to Universal to see Diagon Alley for ourselves one day.
19. You read out loud to me and make sure to change your voice for all the characters.
20. You love hiking and are such a manly man, but your heart is so soft.
21. You enjoy learning and are sharp as a tack.
22. You are a list maker and a list crosser-offer. (Yes, that surely is a word)
23. I can trust you to go to the grocery store.
24. You don't mind having your picture taken, thank you Jesus! You also have an amazing smile.
25. You are an amazing role model for our son and I pray he grows up to be just like YOU!
26. You pray for me and encourage me.
27. Our ideal date night is the same...cuddled on the couch with sushi and Netflix.
28. You watch Survivor with me and have for years and years!
29. You love our cats as much as I do.
30. You have loved me at my best and worst over the last 14 years.
31. You helped make me a Mommy!
Happy birthday to you my sweet husband!

Saturday, January 10, 2015

Celebrate life

Today my father in law would have been 59 years old. It breaks my heart that he is not here to blow out the candles on a birthday cake this year and celebrate another year of life on this Earth. I miss him so much. Leading up to today, I've been thinking a lot about him and a lot about life.

As we get older we seem to roll our eyes at the number of candles that seem to be accruing on our cake. We wish we were younger, we wish we could go back in time to when we were skinnier, life was simpler or we didn't have gray hair. But this is not the mentality we should have.

We need to celebrate each candle, each year we have on this Earth.

Terry made the most of his time here with us and I look forward to the day when I can hug him again and hear his laugh. Today is going to be a hard day for us because we so badly wish he was here. I know tears will be shed, but I also want to smile. So I'm going to tell Aiden funny stories about his grandpa, hug my husband and family a little tighter and be thankful for the time we had together celebrating life.

Friday, January 9, 2015

Aiden Paul {2 months}

Aiden is 2 months old. Ah! This month has been so fun! Aiden is way more interactive and is starting to really show an interest in the toys and books we put in front of him. He knows our voices and is starting to have "conversations" with us. It is the cutest thing ever! He is so observant and curious about this big old world. He has also gained quite a bit of weight this month and his rolls are so darn cute. I could eat him up.
A few stats about Aiden at two months:

Weight: 11 pounds 15 ounces

Height: 22 inches

Size clothes: 0-3 month clothes

Sleeping: He surprised us the week before Christmas and started sleeping 7 hours straight!

Random stuff only parents want to know:

Nicknames: Bubba, Little Buddy, Chubba Bubba, Stinker pants

Likes: Smiling, sucking on his fists, spitting up (see proof in photos above), his swing, "talking" to mommy and daddy, his Puppy WubbaNub, Baby Einstein Take Along Tunes toy,  being swaddled

Dislikes: Tummy time, neck exercises, nap time (He doesn't want to miss out on anything!)

I just can't believe how much I love this little guy!

One Month Update

Wednesday, January 7, 2015

My word to live by for 2015

As a brand new mom life has been pretty darn crazy and I've been learning so much about myself. Between the lack of sleep and my Type A personality I always seem to be rushing to the next thing. As soon as Aiden's little eyes close I'm zipping around the house trying to cross as many things off my to do list as possible. This year I want to change that. I really want to spend more of my time simply dwelling this year.

Dwelling on my sweet baby's face and every second I get to spend with him in my arms, dwelling on scripture, dwelling on the precious time I get alone with my amazing husband.

I have so much to be thankful for and I want to dwell on all those things as I enter 2015.

Psalm 9:1
"I will give thanks to the Lord with my whole heart, I will recount all of your wonderful deeds"

My word for 2014 was HOPE
My word for 2013 was THANKFUL

Monday, January 5, 2015

Aiden's Newborn Pictures!

One of the things I did when I was overdue was call and try to schedule a newborn session. I had no idea that if you wanted newborn pictures taken that you should probably book your session while you were in oh your 2nd trimester or so. Oops. #newmomfail

Well the photographer I had been dreaming about taking Aiden's pictures was booked solid until after the New Year. I decided on a whim to email her to see if she had any cancellations and thank you Jesus...she did. Let me just say I am absolutely in love with these images and the cost of these photos was worth every penny. Jackie from Cream N' Cocoa photography worked her butt off to make sure every pose was perfect.
Aiden has already changed so much since these pictures were taken. He was only a week old in these pictures! I love that our photographer captured his furrowed brow, his pouty lip (see above) and his little rolls. I will cherish these forever. 
These pictures make my heart so happy. I love my little family of 3.