Sunday, December 29, 2013

Dear 2013

Dear 2013,
I've made some incredible new memories and experienced so much joy during your reign. We grew closer as a couple, Drew got a new job, we made some fun updates to our house, took a trip out to Colorado and felt blessed in so many ways by others. But you also held heart ache and threw us a few curve balls. I have had to rely on God more than ever before and my goal of being thankful in all circumstances was more important than I ever imagined it would be. Despite the ups and downs you brought, I always like to end the year reflecting on some of my very favorite things. Below are some of my favorite projects, recipes, moments and discoveries of 2013!

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Chicken & Waffles from Taste of Belgium

Wishing you all a wonderful end to 2013 and hopeful beginnings in 2014. Thank you all so very much for your sweet words and support throughout this year. I am so thankful for each and every one of you. Happy New Year! XOXOXO
Love, Allison

Saturday, December 28, 2013

4 Jolly Christmases {and a Partridge in a pear tree}

I decided to compile all of my Christmas pictures from all 4 of our celebrations in one post so prepare yourself for a holly jolly photo explosion...

First stop: Kentucky where we celebrated with my Mom's side of the family. This always involves lots of games, laughing and all the cousins acting like we are five years old again.
My sweet cousin browsed my Pinterest boards to find an idea for me and made me this sweet cork board! I LOVE it!
Our annual cousin stair step picture!
Second stop: Christmas morning at our home. From the beginning of our marriage we knew we wanted to set aside some time just for us on Christmas morning and I love our tradition of making a huge breakfast, opening stockings and watching Mickey's Christmas Carol as we eat.
My husband MADE me these honeycomb shelves as a surprise. SEE THE TUTORIAL HERE!!

Third stop: Christmas with my family always includes amazing stockings and gifts, Sequence, blueberry muffins and great family bonding time.
Final stop: Christmas with Drew's family, which involves an amazing Christmas dinner, games of Heads up in our PJs (get the app on your Iphone immediately!) and more presents.
I feel so blessed to have so many amazing people in my life to share the holidays with. Our last Christmas celebration is tonight then I have a surprise planned for Drew that I can't wait to share with you next week. I can't wait to catch up on all of your holiday adventures. XOXOXO

Thursday, December 19, 2013

A FUN HOLIDAY DIY: Ornament Party Cups

If you are looking for a way to add a little more festive whimsy to your holiday party look no further. These ornament balls turned party cups are perfect for sipping drinks out of and lucky for you they are easy to create.

What you need: clear ornaments (I used the Celebrate It glass ornaments from Michael's), paper straws and a Dremel tool with a drill bit.
Step 1: Remove the metal hangers from all of the ornaments and use a Dremel tool to drill a small hole in the top of your ornament. This will be where the straw will go. Thank you to my sweet husband for always helping with my projects.
Step 2: In order for your ornaments to stay upright when you set them down, use a hot glue gun to make a ring around the bottom. Make sure the glue dries completely before setting down your ornament.
Step 3: Insert your straws in to each metal top to ensure they fit and trim down to size.
Step 4: Make up a batch of your favorite fun and festive drink and use a funnel to pour it in to your ornament cup. Then embellish (I used a spring of rosemary.)


This site was my inspiration for this DIY project.  Please make sure to link back to my blog if you use any of my pictures. 

Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Tacky Sweater Party 5.0

This past weekend was our 5th annual Tacky Sweater party and we had a fabulous time. My sister in law and I did some fun DIY's in the process that I'm excited to share with you later this week! In the meantime, here are some of my favorite pictures from our party!
Invitations and drink labels from Tiny Prints
What's more fun than sipping a festive drink out of an ornament? Tutorial coming soon!
Our night was filled with drinking festive drinks out of ornaments, taking kissy pictures in our photo booth, some intense games of foosball and ending the night by watching some of our favorite Christmas SNL skits. Cheers to being tacky!

If you missed my post with tips on hosting your own Tacky Sweater party click on over here!