Hi I'm Allison. I'm so glad you're here.

After tucking in my sweet little boys, getting my sweatpants on and plopping down on the couch, this space is where I usually end up. It is where I share the joys and challenges of motherhood, where I find inspiration, where I document my mom wins and mom fails, where I share updates on our family that I hope I'll look back on and smile about one day.

If we sat down and had coffee, here are a few things you would quickly learn about me...

  • I'd order an iced coffee and probably have my hair in a messy top knot. 
  • I'd be wearing a graphic tshirt most likely with a phrase about being a Mama on it.
  • I'd tell you I married my high school sweetheart and very best friend and that he is an amazing father.
  • You'd hear a lot about my boys, Aiden and Alder. And I would share the honest truth about being in the trenches of motherhood with little ones.
  • You'd learn quickly that I'm a frequent visitor of Chipotle.
  • That I'm a former elementary teacher who now oversees a Special Needs Ministry.
  • That I love my city and plan to remain in it.
  • You'd see that I am directionally challenged because I would probably go to the bathroom and then walk out the wrong way. And please don't use the words words North, South, East or West with me. 
  • I would probably mention that Pioneer woman is my hero and her recipes are my favorite.
  • You would quickly learn that I love Jesus and that doing life with Him is so sweet.
  • I would probably bring up my cats and the fact that I will stop to rescue lost pets anytime.anywhere.
Thank you SO much for stopping by!
I'd love for you to say hello and share some things about you.