Wednesday, May 30, 2012

What I'm Loving!

I'm linking up with Jamie and Michelle today to share a few things I'm loving today.

First and foremost...I'm loving that I only have one full day of school left!!! I will miss my kiddos this summer, but it's definitely been my roughest year teaching so I'm so happy to be so close to the end!

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I'm loving that I am starting to get birthday gift cards in the's almost my birthday month! 
I'm loving Carrie Underwood's new CD! I also love the outfits in this video: 

Now onto my pins...these are all things I want to try out this summer!

Cinnamon rolls over the campfire. I made muffins in orange peels last time I went camping and they were amazing so I can't even imagine how good these would be!
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A balloon anniversary photo shoot. Our 3 year anniversary is coming up in July!
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Nutella popsicles. I'm obsessed with Nutella so I'm sure I will love these!
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Cat bunk beds! I don't really think I will get around to these, but the idea is so cute.
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Is it too late to plant myself a little herb garden? I'm sick of buying basil and cilantro at the store. I want to start growing my own and I have the perfect mint green box to start one in!
What are you loving today?

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

I finally did it...

I've been hearing rave reviews about the Buffalo chicken grilled the other night I made it and licked my plate clean! You must try this recipe! It is so easy and so good!
And if you want another amazing buffalo chicken recipe try this one: Buffalo Chicken Enchiladas!

Monday, May 28, 2012

Long weekend loving

This weekend actually felt like summer. I ate delicious grilled food, dipped my toes in the pool (it was in the 90's), went to our favorite ice cream spot, bought fresh veggies and had lots of time with our amazing families.
Skirt: Target, Belt: Gift, Tank top: Target
First trip to Whippy Dip of the summer!
I am so thankful to all those who have served and continue to serve our country! I hope you all had an amazing long weekend.

Thursday, May 24, 2012

Another check off my Cincinnati Bucket list

Before the Reds game we visited a local brewery in Cincinnati called the Moerlein Lager House and were able to check another thing off of our Cincinnati Bucket List! I loved reading about the history behind the brewing company and the fact that it originated in Cincinnati way back in 1853. The atmosphere was fun especially right before a Reds game and the beer and food were both delicious. We also had a fantastic view. Win and win.
I ordered the Beer Can Chicken Melt and it was fantastic. Have you ever had Beer Can Chicken? If here. I will definitely be making future visits to the Lager house!

Check out other things on our Cincinnati Bucket List here.

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

What I'm Loving Wednesday

I'm loving that I spotted my first lighting bug last night. I was so tempted to go grab a Mason jar and run around pretending it was summer. Only 5 1/2 more days!!!!
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I'm loving
this season of the Bachelorette. ABC is redeeming themselves from last season thank goodness!

I'm loving the Cincinnati Reds. We went to the game last night with our friends Andrea and Nate and had a fabulous time. We even got a picture with Mr. Redlegs. I love that he's giving the boys the bunny ears. Haha.
I'm loving this Strawberry Shortcake Cake from my new Pioneer Woman cookbook that my friend Betsy gave me. She surprised me and already had it signed for me! I am now two for two. And this cake is freaking is even worth the 2 hours it took to make. Wow.
I'm loving my sweet husband and two baby kitties.
Link up with Jamie and share what you are loving today!

Friday, May 18, 2012


The last few weeks have been crazy and very emotional. My dad had to have emergency knee surgery causing him to be out of work for 4-5 weeks in his busiest season as a videographer, my grandpa has been in the hospital and was just told last week that he was no longer improving so he would have to leave the rehabilitation center within the week, Drew's dad found out some bad news and our family dog, Max, ran away in a thunder storm.

I have been having to rely daily on God's provision for our families, which really I should be doing all the time anyway. Why is it always during the hard times that it is so easy to draw close to God? Because who else can we turn to? God is always there whether the prayers we say get "answered" the way we want them to or not. There is so much we do not see and thankfully God always knows best.

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Last week I felt an outpouring of blessings and I am so thankful to report that my dad's knee surgery went well and my grandpa received money from an anonymous donor giving him an extra month in rehab! I was beyond happy and thankful, but I couldn't stop thinking about our little dog Max and wondering what happened to him. Max belonged to one of my mom's dear friends Ann Marie who died of cancer 7 years ago. My family gladly accepted Max with open arms and he is a little spot of sunshine especially to my mom who carts him around everywhere she goes. Yesterday I got a call from my mom and Max has been found exactly 2 weeks later! 

Today I was reading in my devotional and the verse was so perfect for what has been happening in my life. "Everyone who asks, receives. Everyone who seeks, finds. And to everyone who knocks, the door will be opened." Matthew 7:8  Ask God to take care of your needs and He will. It may not always look the way you expect it to, but trusting in Him never disappoints. Feeling blessed today!

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

What I'm loving...summer wish list

Summer is so close I can taste it. This year has stretched me in more ways than I thought possible. I have never had a more challenging class. This group of kids have given me gray (yes gray) hairs at the young age of 26, they have caused me to gain weight due to stress eating Nutella every day after school annnnnnd they have caused me to start grinding my teeth at night, which resulted in a mouth guard. How can I blame these precious children for my issues? Trust me I can. I love them dearly and pour my heart and soul into helping them be successful but I am ready for summer vacation!!!! So instead of grading papers or working on report cards I'm making my summer wish list.

This summer I want to CREATE...
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This summer I want to GO...
1. camping with my husband
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2. On a fancy picnic
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3. To the beach
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This summer I want to TRY...
1. A new hairstyle or 2
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2. Tom's wedges
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3. To get back in shape! I'd love to try Lauren Conrad's Bikini boot camp.
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4. To start each day with a smoothie...I currently don't eat breakfast (GASP!) I know it's terrible I just don't have time and I'm never hungry right away.
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These are just a few things on my summer wish list...what are some things on yours? Linking up with Jamie for What I'm loving Wednesday.

Monday, May 14, 2012

A few amazing women

Yesterday I got to celebrate a few of the wonderful women in my life. I got to spend time with my mom, grandma and mother-in-law who are all amazing and inspiring women.

My grandma "Junebug" is 86 and still loving life. She is active, hilarious and beautiful. Her relationship with my grandpa is one of the sweetest love stories I have ever witnessed. My grandma is strong, successful and disciplined. I hope I got lots and lots of her genes.
My mother in law raised my amazing husband and for who she helped him become I will always be thankful. My mother in law treats me like her own daughter (even though she already has 3) and has since Drew and I's first date way back when I was 16. She is like a second mom to me and her giving spirit and quiet strength are qualities I truly admire.
My Mom...where do I even begin? My mom is a woman people want to be around because she is always smiling and full of joy. My mom has prayed for me longer than anyone else, taught me more than anyone else and has been there for me anytime I have ever needed her. She sends me notes in the mail just because, brings me dinner when I'm sad and encourages me to press on when times are hard.
I am so blessed to have these women in my life. They have shown me by example characteristics I hope to teach my own children someday.

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Derby Party!

Since my mom and her sisters grew up in Kentucky my family has always been big fans of the Kentucky Derby. We watch ever year and usually have Mint Juleps and the staple, Derby Pie. One of my bridal showers was even Derby themed! This year I decided very last minute that I wanted needed to throw my own Derby party to spread the love of all things Southern. I spent all day Saturday talking with my mom and Aunt Lynda about recipes and then cooking authentic Southern foods. YUM! Here's what was on the menu...
None of my friends had ever had Derby pie and let me just tell you if you haven't had it you are missing out!!! I made my grandma's "secret recipe." Derby pie is basically pecan pie plus chocolate and bourbon so yes it is fantastic.
We sipped on Mint Juleps, ate Southern food and cheered for our favorite horses.
After the big race we played one of Drew and I's favorite games that comes from the UK (United Kingdom not to be confused with the University of Kentucky, haha) It is called Kubb.
It turned out to be a fabulous evening and I want to make this a new tradition. Next year hats will be required by all...
Do you celebrate the Derby?

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Breakfast by firelight

Last night Drew and I decided to make breakfast for dinner. We made Pioneer Woman's sour cream pancakes, bacon and eggs and as we were about to sit down at the table Drew had a brilliant idea. "Babe, let's eat outside and make a fire in the firepit." I of course agreed to this brilliant idea and we took our meal out by our firepit in the backyard (made by us summer 2011).

We enjoyed breakfast for dinner by firelight and it was perfect. I love unplanned moments of bliss with my sweet husband. Don't forget to stop and enjoy each moment with the people you love most.