Thursday, August 13, 2020

Growing Vegetable Soup {Book Summary + Soup Sensory bins}

The Book: Growing Vegetable Soup by Lois Ehlert. A book about a family who plants vegetables in their garden and then takes care of them together so that they can turn their vegetables into soup.

The Activity: “Making” Vegetable Soup sensory bins

  • Grab a bin or basket to use as your “garden.” Fill with dried beans (or anything you have for a sensory bin filler: crushed cereal, rice, whatever!
  • Grab some fake fruits and veggies (or draw some, cut them out and throw them in) and put them in the container you chose. Add in some other items if you have some: small shovels, gardening gloves, bugs, grocery bag, watering can, etc)
  • Grab a big cooking pot and some kitchen tools (wooden spoons, empty seasoning containers, ladles, etc)
  • Read the story and have your kids pretend to grow the soup and then make and “eat” the soup!
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