Saturday, April 2, 2011

Kindergarten quote of the week

This was a first in my teaching career so get ready...
In my classroom I have a dramatic play area where at a certain time of day my students can choose to go and play dress up, let loose and just be kids.  I was walking around the room and noticed one of my students was holding up a blanket to block a few other students who were playing behind it.  *NOT GOOD* I peeked behind the blanket and saw one of my students with a baby doll up her shirt, legs spread in birthing position moaning (very dramatically I might add) "Ohhhhhhhh it hurts, it hurts!" OH MY GOSH. What is a teacher to do?
1.) Try hard not to laugh
2.) Rack my brain as to how her reenactment was so accurate
3.) Have a chat with my little friend
4.) Ban the blanket

Oh the joys of teaching.


dress up and twirl said...

oh my GOSH! hahaha i dont even know how id react to that one!

Ashlee Gadd said...

LOL! Kids are so funny.

Allison said...

Just wait Courtney you will have so many stories!

 Curly J said...

OHHHMG... I'm speechless lol. I'm an elementary teacher as well (almost anyways, 1 semester left of my program)... I can't even think what I would I would do.. that's crazy!

leigh said...

Yikes! Hahaha. What did you do?!
So, I'm assuming you teach kindergarden, what grade does your husband teach?!
Enjoying reading your blog!
<3 leigh

Courtney J. said...

This is so great. I taught for a while and there is always that voice in your mind saying "What would their parents think about this?!" when something ridiculous happens. Kids are shocking sometimes!

Thanks for visiting my blog! I really enjoy yours :)