Saturday, July 2, 2011

Battle of the Enchiladas

So believe it or not I have never had enchiladas before. Gasp! All of the sudden they look so good to me. I have found several recipes that I've been dying to try and I decided to make it into a little contest: The Battle of the Enchiladas.
Here are the recipes I'm going to be trying and posting about.
Benchiladas from Annie's Eats
Chicken Enchiladas from Annie's Eats
Sour Cream Enchiladas from Pioneer Woman
White Chicken Enchiladas from Pioneer Woman
So it looks like it's going to be Pioneer Woman vs. Annie's Eats.

I'm going to be rating each recipe on Taste, Level of difficulty and Prep. Time. Do you have a favorite Enchilada recipe??
I plan to make at least one Enchilada dish this holiday weekend. Stay tuned...


Tamara said...

My husband LOVES enchiladas and it's a staple in his family. I have a great chicken enchilada recipe and a beef recipe too. Let me know if you want to give either a-go.

The Whity Wife said...

I have a super easy one-
1 can of enchilada sause, 1 package of tortillas, 1 bag of shredded cheese, 1 can of shredded chicken, and part of an onion
*heat chicken and sauce (just over half the can), and onion in skillet for a couple minutes *scoop into tortillas sprinkle with cheese *wrap and place in 9x12 pan *cover with remaining sauce and cheese *heat for maybe 10 minutes at 350- and done! Serve with quick mexican or spanish rice! Makes about 4-6 servings (unless you are big eaters like us ;)

so fast, and so freakin cheap! (less than 5 dollars for the entire meal)

Megan said...

Enchiladas are one of my absolute favorite meals everrrr!!

Sarah said...

Mmm. Enchiladas are like the most amazing food in the world. Cannot WAIT to see your recipe!

Anonymous said...

Oooh goodness. I just love any kind of mexican food, enchiladas included! If I were only cooking for myself, I'd probably have mexican every night. But I think my husband might mutiny on me if I did that! :o) Have fun making them! They are pretty easy and almost always turn out tasty!!! Happy 4th!!

xoxox, Sarah Kate

Tatiana said...

I love enchiladas, but if they are too cheese they make me sick. I've made PW's enchiladas before and they were delicious!
I hope you have an awesome 4th beautiful!

Manda said...

I LOVE enchiladas! When I get home tomorrow, I'll post on my blog the recipe of my grandmother's enchiladas. She makes these every year for my mom's birthday, and they're always a huge hit. I've made them a couple of times when I've had friends over. They're a real crowd-pleaser and super easy to make.

Sam {} said...

mmm, i love mexican food!! can't wait to see your fave :)