Thursday, July 7, 2011

An outfit and a bridal shower invitation

Here is Outfit #6 of my Remix.
I never would have thought to put this outfit together before remixing, but I have been excited to try mixing new pieces and patterns. I am far from being a model so sorry you are seeing the same poses in every photo session. Haha. Now on to card making!

I am throwing my sister a bridal shower in a few weeks and I decided to make the invitations myself. I love scrapbooking, but haven't made too many cards so I thought I'd try it out. The shower is going to be a tea party complete with scones, flavored tea and floral table cloths. Here are the materials I bought or pulled out for the invitations:
And here is the final result...I ended up making recipe cards to match in different colors because I couldn't find any I liked. I'm going to have each guest write out their favorite sweet treat that my sister can eat while drinking her tea. (She is a big tea lover hence the theme.)
I didn't do the invitations all by myself...Sawyer helped. :)
 Happy almost weekend friends!


Married In Chicago said...

Cute! I love shifts that have sleeves that length. They are surprisingly hard to find!

Emily said...

What an adorable helper! I am so excited to see the results of your bridal shower planning....totally digging this tea-themed party.

Manda said...

Those invitations are so adorable! We did an all-pink themed tea party for one of my friends' bridal showers a couple of years ago--tea parties are the way to go ; ) I recently bought a bargain book at our local bookstore called "Originals: handcrafted cards made easy." I can't wait to try some of their ideas! Happy Friday!

Sam {} said...

love the outfit!!

have a great weekend :)