Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Cat lover...please be kind.

Just a disclaimer...I love all animals. Just ask my husband...I cry every time I go into the SPCA. It just breaks my heart.  I grew up having both dogs and cats as pets, but was always more of a dog lover.  About a year ago Drew and I were "craving" a pet...can you be craving a pet? Hmmm. Being newly weds and having full time jobs we decided a dog was out of the question since it was November and we were full swing into school.  We wandered into Petsmart (a logical place to look for a pet) and fell in love with two kittens who just happened to be brothers. We thought it over and bought them both the next day.  Now most people I know either love cats or hate cats. There seems to be no in between.  I am going to just tell you now that I love my cats and if you are following this blog you may hear about them from time to time...just a little heads up.  Here they are...
Meet Bear...he likes to ride in the laundry basket when I bring up clothes from the dryer.  He is also obsessed with food (I blame my husband for this) PS We don't normally "dress" our cats...this was a special occasion (Our Annual Tacky Sweater Party!) Haha Please don't judge.
Meet Sawyer...he loves to cuddle and enjoys chasing his tail in the bathtub. Someone told me orange cats are more cuddly, for us it is true, but I don't know if this is a proven fact. Comments?
They love each other :)

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Julie @ The Smitten Mintons said...

Oh my gosh they are SO CUTE!!! I love how they cuddle together! I am a total crazy cat lady, so no judgment here :)