Saturday, February 19, 2011

Feeling Inspired

I have been feeling very inspired this just might of had to do with the fact that I got to meet Ree Drummond who alone inspires me to be a better juggler of my time. It also might have had to do with the sunshine that has finally decided to visit Cincinnati for a while. I bought sunflowers to celebrate both Pioneer Woman and the sunshine.  My Pioneer Woman inspired breakfast to come tomorrow... Until then here are pictures from the book signing.
Here we are waiting to meet Pioneer woman. Thanks to my stunt earlier in the week we were letter I and not letter R. Phew!
Me and Pioneer Woman. She liked my outfit and I told her I wore it to match the cover of her cookbook. Haha and sadly I really did. Oh well. She noticed and I admit again to my dorkiness. Are you noticing a pattern?
Me, Faith, Ellie, Betsy and Ree Drummond. So much fun!


Ellie said...

:) i showed my mom her website this morning. she may be hooked :P

Allison said...

Yay! I made the Olive/Cheesey bread tonight. Oh my gosh YUMMMMM!

Valley Art Project said...

I follow her as well. My husband loves her pancake recipe with the sourcream.

Allison said...

I will have to try the pancakes!