Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Belts, belts, belts

As I'm analyzing my closet for my remix outfits I am beginning to notice that I just might have a problem. I am a little bit obsessed with b-e-l-t-s. As this realization hit me I was reminded of some of the pictures my kindergarten students have made for almost every picture they have drawn of me, I am wearing a belt. Exhibit A:
Aren't I beautiful? Haha.
I never used to be big on belts, but then I realized how skinny they can make your waist look and how cute they can make any outfit! So I am very sorry if every picture you see of me includes a belt, but these pictures are no exception. Here is Outfit #3:
Dress-Fossil (I have a friend who gets me 50% off so I can actually afford it)
Sweater-Ann Taylor Loft (Teacher Discount)
Belt-Michael Kors (gift)
Shoes-Dillards (gift)
Headband (which you probably can't see due to the fabulous back lighting)-Forever 21


Sam {} said...

cute pics, girl!!

Manda said...

Cute! I miss teaching kindergarten kids...they're too cute!

Your pictures of your OOTD's are adorable!

Kelly said...

I put belts with EVERYTHING, so this additional inspiration only makes me happy. I live in dresses, and they are so much cuter belted. Plus, then it can hold my work badge, keep a cardi in place and make me (look) skinny. I should stop talking about how much I love an inanimate object. Even in text, it's getting creepy.