Saturday, July 20, 2013

A few things helping to make me feel pretty (oh so pretty)

one: Bare Minerals blush. This blush is a two in one (compatible) and I love it. It has a pink ice blush on one side and a bronzer on the other side. You can use them both together or individually. Jessica Simpson calls this kind of thing a "Twofer"...two for one.
two: Beehive Necklace from Charming Charlie. I love the look of this necklace because it looks like a beehive. It came in a set with matching earrings.
three: Peach Kiss Baby Lips by Maybelline. My sweet friend Courtney made me a pampering kit for my birthday and this was in the kit. All I have to say is thank you Courtney. This is now going to be a regular purchase of mine!
four: Headbands from Charlotte Russe. I had been looking everywhere for inexpensive headbands with a little bling and walking into Charlotte Russe and seeing these made me a happy girl.

Another thing that is helping my look lately is the HANAair Professional Hair Dryer. I was recently contacted by Misikko to test out their HANAair Professional Hair Dryer who claims to have the best blow dryers so I was happy to test that out for myself. My former hair dryer was the cheapest Revlon hair dryer that money could buy, but it did the job...or so I thought. If you can't already tell, my hair is super thick and curly and it usually takes me at least 25 minutes to dry it completely followed by having to flat iron it and then add some curl with my curling iron...quite a long process, which is why I usually just let my hair air dry.

I tested out this hair dryer and was excited at how quickly I was able to dry my hair. It took me under 15 minutes to dry my hair! Other things I liked about the hair dryer:
-Long cord, which I find handy when I want to walk around while drying my hair
-Light weight
-3 heat settings
-Left my hair feeling smooth
-Left my hair with less frizz than my old hair dryer

The packaging of this hair dryer was another perk. I felt like I was receiving the royal treatment when I opened the box and found chocolates, a new hair brush, a heat proof pouch and much more. I'm so excited to replace my old hair dryer with this one! If you are in the market for a new hair dryer this one did not disappoint. Check out the Misikko facebook page for hair advice and giveaways of their most popular products.

What is helping make you feel pretty lately??

*While I did receive this product for free, as always my opinions are my own!


Kira said...

I love that necklace!

Natalie said...

OooO! Love your picks Allison =) These days I've turned into a bit of a nail polish junkie for the most part, but I really like Pacifica products and those Color Tattoos cream eyeshadows too.

Katie Cook said...

you are gorgeous Allison:)

Carrie said...

I have that lip gloss in the same exact shade. I will have to check out that twofer ;) and I have a cheapo hair dryer, too, that I wish would die so I'd have an excuse to buy a better one! I too have curly hair, but I normally only flat iron it once a week. SO much work!

Brittany Kyte said...

Wow, that is fantastic, Allison!! The blowdryer sounds like a dream!

Anonymous said...

Chocolates with a hair dryer? I'm in.


Rach @ This Italian Family said...

Oooh! I just love the Baby Lips! I have that same one and it's great. :)