Wednesday, July 10, 2013

The perfect adventuring outfit by Katie

While I'm in the mountains of Colorado, my sweet friend Katie is here to share an outfit that she might wear exploring. Who better to give you fashion advice than this gorgeous blogger? Um no one. 
Hey guys! I'm Katie and I blog about fashion, life, fitness, recipes, love and whatever else is on my mind over at Katie Did What. While Allison is off on a wedding adventure in Denver, I'm here in her place to share a little "adventure" of my own! Since I am in love with all things fashion, I decided to create an outfit that I think is just perfect for "adventuring!" I hope you agree! When I think of an adventure outfit, I think of something that is super casual and really comfortable, but of course also stylish and cute at the same time. Because, let's be honest, we must always be cute!

hat: forever 21
top: brandy melville
shorts: american eagle
shoes: converse

Thanks for having me, Allison! I hope you all will stop by my blog, Katie Did What, for more adventures and fun outfits! :)



You may or may not see me try to copy this outfit while on my trip. If you don't follow Katie already, you need to. She's the best! Thanks so much Katie!

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Care said...

Oh I agree- she is adorable! Love the pics...

Brittany Kyte said...

Katie is TOO CUTE!!!

bandofbrothers said...

super cute!

Katie Did What said...

Thanks for having me, sweet girl!!! :) And I can't wait to see you re-create this look!


Katie said...

i love katie's blog - she is so cute!