Monday, July 8, 2013

Exploring Fruit Farms with Emily!

While Drew and I are exploring Colorado (follow our adventures on instagram at allie_renner) I have some amazing bloggers lined up to share with you their own adventures starting with my sweet friend Emily. I have loved Emily's blog since the moment I found it. She was one of the first bloggers that I ever interacted with. I love her genuine love of life and people and I know you will too!

Hi there!  I am Emily, from the blog meme and he, and while Allison and Drew are off on their own adventure (let’s all try not to be too jealous) I thought I might share a favorite adventure of ours: picking our own fruit.  While we currently don’t have space for our own garden, we love to explore local farms and orchards and take advantage of the “pick-your-own” season. 

We have been amazing by how many fruits you can actually go out and pick yourself.  In the past few years we have picked apples, strawberries, blueberries, blackberries, cherries and raspberries.  We love the adventure of finding the best ones, and we often hold a competition for the biggest piece of fruit. 

Picking your own fruit also tends to be quite a bit cheaper than buying from a store or even from the farm or orchard itself.  The cost of paying someone to go out into the field and gather the fruit is cut, because you are doing it yourself!

This is the perfect time to do a little research about the farms and orchards in your area…most fruit is either in season or about to be!  Maybe we will see you there :)

Isn't Emily adorable? Don't you want to raid her closet and hang out with her on a regular basis? Now I want to run out to the nearest fruit farm and get fresh fruit. Maybe I'll find a place in Colorado to try? Thanks so much for filling in for me today Emily! Make sure to check out Emily's blog Meme and He, I promise you will love it!


Rebekah said...

This is awesome! This is now going on my 30 before 30 list! I love this idea! I'm heading over to Meme and He right now!

~ Rebekah

NanaDiana said...

She IS adorable. What a great post. Hope you have a wonderful night- xo Diana

Care said...

Agreed- love her outfits! That was the first thought then just like you said.. have a huge craving for fruit:) ahh stop reading my mind:)

Anonymous said...

She makes fruit farm exploring look completely glamorous!! I'm inspired!


Rach said...

She is adorable! This looks like such a fun adventure!