Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Cake Batter Martinis! {YUM}

My friend Courtney and I got together one summer evening and whipped up this amazing concoction. This is my favorite martini to date and I highly recommend you try it ASAP.

What you need to make this amazing concoction:
(Makes 1 Martini)
For the drink:
*1 1/2 oz. Vodka (Pinnacle Cake)
*1/2 oz. Godiva White Chocolate Liqueur
*1 oz. Amaretto
*1 tsp. vanilla cake batter (powder from boxed mix)
*1 oz. Heavy Whipping Cream

For the glass: (because drinking out of an adorable glass is much more fun)
*Vanilla Frosting
*Assorted Sprinkles
Use your finger and scoop out vanilla frosting to rim your glass. Pour sprinkles out on a plate and carefully place rim in sprinkles. Combine all drink ingredients in a cocktail shaker, add ice and shake for about 30 seconds. Pour into glass and slurp up the goodness! Then come back and thank me.
Original recipe found here.


Anonymous said...

Those look delightfully dangerous. Thanks for sharing. :)


Karla said...

Ohhhhh myyy!! Love it! Bookmarked!! =D

Sarah said...

Holy deliciousnessss!

Carrie said...

Ummm, I am going to have to make these the next time I have the girls over. YUM! Heck, my bday is coming up in 3 weeks, maybe I want some for my bday! ;) They are so pretty, too!

rachel said...

Oh my goodness.
That looks AMAZING.
I think I'd just keep reapplying icing and sprinkles on the rim though... :)

Unknown said...

I love dessert martinis... and this one looks like absolute heaven!

Natalie said...

*Mouth watering* =D Want. Some.

Munisa Galficar said...

sooo cuteee! i love it

Anonymous said...

YUM! Yes, please! :D

A Brew of Blessings said...

I seriously need these!