Tuesday, February 28, 2012

The List

Some of you may not think too much of Ohio, but I really do love it! We may not have the ocean, but we do have the beach (water park), Kings Island and Cedar Point. We also have some great sports teams,  amazing parks and rivers, restaurants, shopping centers and we get to enjoy all 4 seasons. I love my state and I love my city...granted I was born and raised here, but I promise there are some perks to being a Buckeye. My husband and I sat down and made our own Cincinnati Bucket List and I am finally posting the official list. I expect this list will grow and change as we add more to it and cross things off.
Our Cincinnati Bucket List:
Go to Findlay Market
Go to Opening day at the Reds stadium
Be a part of the Opening Day Parade
Go to the Cincinnati Art Museum
Find and visit several Ohio Vineyards (yes there are vineyards in Ohio)
-Valley Vineyard
Visit local Ohio breweries
Eat at a few different Jeff Ruby Restaurants
Go to Taste of Cincinnati
Visit Newport Aquarium
Have a picnic at Eden Park
Visit the Cincinnati Observatory and look at some stars
Find Nature preserves and hike the trails
Attend a concert at all the concert venues in the area:
-US Bank Arena
Stay at The Netherland Plaza
Run a 5K through the Cincinnati Zoo (Cheetah Run)
Go on top of the Carew Tower
Ride in a carriage downtown around Fountain Square
Attend a play at Playhouse in the Park
Maple Syrup Tapping at the Cincinnati Nature Center
Bike the Loveland bike trail
Zipline at Camp Kern
Bet on a race at Riverdowns
Go to a Cyclones hockey game
Camp at different camp sites:
-Hueston Woods
-Hocking Hills
Go to an exhibit at Union Terminal
Go to Jungle Jim's 
Ice skate on Fountain square
Go to Krohn's conservatory
Participate in the Flying Pig marathon and/or the Color Run
Visit all the state parks within 30 miles of us


S T E P H A N I E L E A N N said...

I haven't been to Valley Vineyard yet! I'm looking over your list realizing how many of these places i've not seen. But Hocking Hills, you have to go! They have the cutest log cabins and really beautiful trails/rivers for hiking and canoeing.

Emily Hope said...

I love that you are doing this. I want to do this for my city. I never think to do touristy things especially when I live in a city full of things to do and see.

Valerie Griffin said...

sounds like a super fun list!

TiffanyClark said...

So fun! I need to do this for Nashville! I have actually been ice skating at fountain square before! It was so much fun! I went with some college friends several years back on a winter break we had.

TaraR said...

I'm a love of list and what an exciting one you have ;) Can't wait to follow the rest of your adventures!

Your newest follower,
Tara xo

Erin said...

I FREAKING love this list.... can I just steal it for my husband and I?! ;) I just love Cincinnati-- we enjoy doing lots of new things around the area too, the list could be never ending!

Ps- And whyyyy isn't "attend a Bengals game" on there? ;)

meme-and-he said...

okay this post is SERIOUSLY appreciated because Ohio is about halfway between us and our families in Chicago! We have thought about meeting halfway, but we were like, "What could we do in OHIO?!" so now we know!!

♥B said...

I love the idea of having a city-you-live-in/near bucket list! I think I need to do that!

♥ B
With Love From Michigan

Summer-Raye said...

I want to do this, no I NEED TO DO THIS

courtney said...

well we certainly have some double date night ideas :D

jamiedawn said...

newest follower here! fellow cincinnati girl :) sarah from total basset case sent me a link to your page, as i believe we will meet in person on saturday! glad to be here!

Becca Moss said...

Hey hey, newest follower and fellow Cincinnati girl! Love this idea, & love to have found another Cincinnati lady! (: