Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Favorite Things!

I'm linking up with Ashley to share my favorite things from April. I did a little crafting, a little cooking, took a trip and planned a trip. I think I'd call that a pretty good month!

#1. Completed the ladder project with the help of my sweet husband!
#2. Mother Daughter weekend in Indiana
#3 Counted the change we had been collecting and bought our plane tickets to Colorado for my friend Ashley's wedding! Aren't the save the dates adorable???
#4. Found this cookbook and loved it!
#5. Discovered the show Call the Midwife
#6. Got free tickets to Kings Island and enjoyed a day of fun with my brother, cousin and husband!
#7. Learned that I love quinoa!

I seriously can't believe May is almost here! 23 days until my summer break! May is already full of exciting things...bring them on!


Veronica and Daniel said...

Ooo! I love quinoa too :) We really like noodles made of quinoa (a gluten free thing for us). I love those save the dates almost as much as I love Colorado - such a beautiful state! I've heard about "call the midwife" but have not actually seen an episode. I will have to add it to my list :) Happy Last Day of April!

Ashley said...

Ooohh...what is Call the Midwife?

Your ladder project looks amazing!! Great job.

and yes, those save the dates are REALLY cute!!

Amy - Louise said...

I love quinoa too! A good alternative to couscous that is gluten free! Oh do you mean the British show Call the Midwife? If so that was a great series, we are awaiting the next one here!

smk053078 said...

Yay for the ladder project!!! It turned out presh and those Save the Dates ARE the cutest I have ever seen!

Rach @ This Italian Family said...

Their save the dates are super cute! What a fun idea! :)

Oliva Ins said...

That snoopy is great !!!:)
Come and see me and if you want we can follow each other ?:)


Betty said...

I love monthly recaps...and I love your friends Save the Date! So original!

TiffanyClark said...

Love your loves! I will have to check out that cookbook!

estetik said...

really have got to mention you make many fantastic facts and definitely will put up a couple of recommendations to add in shortly after a day or two