Saturday, May 21, 2011

Oh hello Mr. Sun

The sun has finally decided to show up here in Ohio and I am so thankful. Yesterday that hubby of mine and I decided to dust off our discs and play some frisbee golf. Have you ever played? It is one of our favorite hobbies because a.) you get to be outside b.) it's FREE and c.) we are Drew is pretty good. If you've never heard of disc golf, it is just like normal golf except instead of a golf ball and clubs you have a disc resembling a frisbee and you aim for a basket like the one below.
On this particular course you have to throw your disc over a creek so since I'm married to Mr. Nature lover we always end up flipping over a few rocks to look for critters in between tosses. We ended up spotting 5 snakes and no I don't love snakes, but Mr. Nature lover is kind of obsessed and I think it is awesome.
We ended the night sitting outside at our favorite local ice cream spot. A sunny day is a happy day. I hope it's sunny where you are today!

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