Saturday, May 28, 2011


I love when unexpectedly pleasant things happen. Today actually feels like the end of May should in the Midwest...unexpected. Last night that hubby of mine, his best friend Brian and I headed over to Whole Foods for their awesome wine and food tasting. We ended up running into some of our good friends unexpectedly and the food and wine was fabulous as usual. As we were browsing the store I came upon this adorable dress...totally unexpected. Who buys dresses at a grocery store? They didn't have a dressing room so I risked it and bought one anyway. It just happened to fit and go perfectly with my new belt and earrings! I love when an outfit just comes together unexpectedly.

Dress:Whole Foods
Belt: Francesca's
Earrings: Francesca's
Shoes: Gap

Tonight we are going to Taste of Cincinnati with our friends Steph and Tad...details and pictures to come tomorrow. Have a wonderful Saturday! I hope something unexpectedly pleasant happens to you. :)


Whity Wife said...

my friends and i are going to Taste Of Cincy tonight as well! I am loving cincy this weekend!

Lazy night in last night, Taste tonight, then Primavitsa tomorrow for our anniversary!

Natalie said...

OoooO! Love! I was in Whole Foods a couple months ago with a friend and we saw the dresses too!

Joyful Sparrow said...

Oh, I LOOOOVE Francesca's! Cute, cute outfit :-)

dress up and twirl said...

ahhh adorable outfit allison! ill have to look at whole foods now! it looks like you and your hubby are always doing the funnest things! double date sometime? :)